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How To Record A Deed

Document recording is accepted in person or via US Mail or courier.  Only original documents bearing actual signatures may be recorded.  Faxed documents cannot be accepted.

While we are happy to answer your questions about how to record documents, the office cannot give legal advice about transferring property.  You are urged to contact an attorney, abstract or title company to transfer real property.

All land transfers must adhere to Williamson County’s Subdivision Ordinance and the Williamson County Illinois Plat Act.  All property transfers outside of city and subdivision lots must be approved by the Supervisor of Assessment to assure compliance.

Original documents will be returned to the customer in a timely manner, in most instances documents are returned the next business day.  All recording is time/dated and placed on record in the order it is received.  Most documents are recorded the day they are received.


Williamson County accepts electronic recordings from approved submitters.

E-recording has several benefits including:

  • Less turnaround time; documents that are erecorded are submitted safely over the internet, recorded and returned digitally that same day
  • Makes your company green! Erecordings mean savings in paper, time, and fuel
  • Erecording wins the "race to the courthouse" because erecordings are seamlessly filed into the daily workflow
  • Cost savings in postage (including overnight shipping)
  • Fewer rejections and quicker corrections

Williamson County currently accepts erecordings from the following trusted erecording partners:

eRecording Partners Network


CSC eRecording Solutions

Statutory Content of Recorded Documents

Effective August 1, 2020, Williamson County, Illinois will only accept MyDec generated PTAX forms – please include a completed form with a “Closing Completed” status with your recording.  For information regarding using MyDec through the Illinois Department of Revenue go to their website or call their toll-free number 844-445-1114.

Common Reasons for Rejection of Recording

  • Real Estate Transfer Declaration or exemption stamp missing from deed.
  • Fees incorrect.
  • Legal description missing.
  • “Prepared by” statement missing.
  • Notary signature or seal missing.
  • Document not dated or signed.
  • Subsequent document missing reference to original document.
  • Does not adhere to County Subdivision Ordinance/Plat Act.
  • Williamson County Plat Affidavit missing or incomplete.
  • Exempt statement.

Recording Fee Schedule

Please Click for Recording Fee Schedule

Please make payments payable to “Williamson County Recorder”

Real Estate Searches, Lien Registry, Miscellaneous Records and Documents, Copies and Certification

This office will perform limited searches of real estate records, but does not guarantee searches.

Taxpayers with tax lien questions, please click here State Tax Lien Registration.

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