Register a Business

Registering a Business

Several steps are required of those starting their own business. Additional information is also available to assist business owners.

Sole Proprietor or General Partnership Businesses

Illinois law requires that many businesses file a Certificate of Assumed Names in the County where the business operates. If you will have a sole proprietor or general partnership business then you should file at the Williamson County Clerk’s Office.

Anyone transacting business in Williamson County who is not a corporation and is not using only his/her full name as the name of the business must file. Applicants complete a short notarized form listing the business name, its address and the name(s) of all owners. Clerk’s fee is $25. All Certificates of Assumed Names are on file and available for public inspection in the County Clerk’s office.

A publication certificate will be issued.  This must be taken to a local newspaper and published once a week for three consecutive weeks.  Business owners are responsible for the publication fees charged by the newspaper for the legal ad publication.

Helpful Links

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Articles of Incorporation

If you will have an incorporated, corporated or limited business then you should file for Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State’s office in Springfield.