State's Attorney

State’s Attorney:

Ted Hampson

State's Attorney

Contact me at 618-997-1301

Our office is located at:
200 West Jefferson
Marion, Illinois 62959

County Board Attorney and FOIA Office:

- Ext. 1227

Main Office Extensions:

 Cindy Webb- Ext. 1227

Kim Murray - Ext. 1208

Andrea Wade - Ext. 1206


Brian Thomas - Ext. 1222

Operations Office:

Christy Gribble - Ext. 1221

Administrative Assistant to the State’s Attorney:

Mendy Karnes - Ext. 1205

Criminal Division

State’s Attorney Ted Hampson - Ext. 1205

Assistant State’s Attorney John C. Currie - Ext. 1207

Assistant State’s Attorney Sean de Mello - Ext. 1205

Assistant State’s Attorney Jerri L. Adams - Ext. 1208

Assistant State’s Attorney Mandy Combs - Ext. 1290

Assistant State’s Attorney Rob Bateson - Ext. 1225

Post Conviction


The Victim/Witness Coordinator of the State’s Attorney’s Office was formed in 1985 through the Office of the Illinois Attorney General to serve the needs of victims and witnesses of violent crimes. The primary function is to provide information, referrals and professional support during your involvement with the criminal justice process.

  • Explain the investigative and judicial process
  • Advise you about the status of your case
  • Facilitate communication between you and the State
  • Explain your rights as a crime victim
  • Assist you with the Crime Victim’s Compensation
  • Help you prepare victim impact statements
  • Facilitate the availability of witnesses for trials and hearings
  • Violent crime advocacy
  • Assist with restitution

Violent Crime Advocate

April Crompton - Ext. 1272

Domestic Violence Division

Assistant Domestic Violence Advocate Penny Murden - Ext. 1219
Domestic Violence Coordinator Melissa Harris - Ext. 1290

Domestic Violence Advocate

  • Established in 2003 with Department of Justice grant.
  • Assist victims of Domestic Violence by prosecuting their abuser, holding them accountable for their actions.
  • Assist with preparation of order of protection paperwork for emergency & plenary orders of protection.
  • Accompany victims of court for orders of protection & notifying them of upcoming court dates.
  • Follow up victim contacts
  • Notify victims of available resources, such as counseling, housing, & financial assistance.
  • Investigator interviews defendants prior to appointment of counsel.
  • To request assistance, victim simply needs to call or come to the Domestic Violence Unit. He or she will be directed to appropriate services for their particular situation.

Traffic Division

Assistant State’s Attorney John C. Currie, DUI, and all Traffic
Traffic Legal Secretary, Donna Williams - Ext. 1207

Juvenile Division

Legal Secretary Starla Wilburn - Ext. 1225
Juvenile Advocate Sarah Troxel - Ext. 1209
Assistant Advocate Betty Caraway - Ext. 1211

The Victim/Witness Coordinator for Juvenile Services was formed in to serve juvenile victims and adult witnesses and victims of Juvenile crimes. The primary goal of the Williamson County Juvenile Victim/Witness program is to provide Juvenile Court System. A brief list of services is found below.

  • Explain the Judicial process
  • Provide emotional support throughout your case
  • Provide Court escort to all hearings
  • Advise you of the status of your case
  • Assist in locating and using specialized resources available from public and private community based programs
  • Assist with restitution
  • Assist with Crime Victim’s Compensation
  • Explain your rights as a crime victim
  • Coordinate the availability of witnesses for trials/hearings
  • Followup contact with victims