County Board Records

The County Clerk is responsible for the recording and maintaining the agenda and meeting minutes of all public meetings held by the Williamson County Board. The County Board passes all ordinances, rules and regulations to implement the powers granted to the county. The Board approves all contracts and expenditures, and does all other acts necessary to exercise the corporate powers of the County. It has the authority to levy taxes for the support of the County Government operations. The Board has the task of reviewing and adopting the County’s annual budget submitted by the County Board Chairman. It purchases and maintains all real and personal property owned by the County. The Board also approves and supervises the use of all federal and state grants.

2019 Ordinances & Resolutions

2018 Ordinances & Resolutions

2017 Ordinances & Resolutions

2016 Ordinances & Resolutions

2015 Ordinances & Resolutions

2014 Ordinances & Resolutions

2013 Ordinances & Resolutions

2012 Ordinances & Resolutions

2011 Ordinances & Resolutions

2010 Ordinances & Resolutions

For all other previous resolutions and ordinances, please contact the Commissioners office at 618-997-1301 Ext. 1135 or you may come to our office located at 407 N Monroe, Marion, Illinois.  The office is on the second floor of the Administration Building.